Our non-profit project named “PIFclass” includes free courses for students from various of universities and high schools.

Basic courses:

  1. Introduction to electrical and electronics engineering.
  2. Robotics for kids.
  3. Start your embedded life.
  4. Make PCB by yourself.

Advanced courses:

  1. Introduction to computer vision.
  2. Coding Style.
  3. UML-Pseudocode.
  4. Advanced PCB Design.
  5. Power Electronics: A Starting-Point.
  6. Advanced C# Programming.
  7. Motor Control Algorithms and Applications.
  8. Switched Mode Power Supply (SMPS): how they work?
  9. How to Writing a Science Research Paper?
  10. Kalman Filter – Applications in Image Processing.
  11. Labview Overview.

Visit PIFclass page to see upcomming courses: