Founded on December 22nd 2009, the “Pay It Forward” organization create a community of linked engineers, scientists, lecturers and students in which knowledge and passion of electrical and electronics fields can be shared and passed to the next generations.

Pay It Forward aims to build an inquisitive community with the key factors of creativity, innovation, a willing heart to help others, grow together and achieve more in everyone’s own career.

PIF Lab is the Innovation Center of Pay It Forward Community with many top-class, experienced and passionate engineers and scientists who always seek to study and harness cutting-edge technology to build smart and useful products.

PIF Lab products are developed and created based on the demand of living needs, industry and education.

PIF Lab offers technical supports and solutions for startups.

PIF Lab realized the crucial role of technology in the community and always gave its best to serve the community with its achievements throughout the past years.


We provide many technical products for universities, enterprises and factories​
Embedded System

With years of experience in the field of embedded systems. We can provide a complete solution to take your ideas from concept to reality, including electronics design, firmware and software development.

With experience in both OS and Non-OS platforms, together we will develop optimized solutions and turn your innovative ideas into real-world applications.


PIFLab has the innovation and passion for robotics products. We always seek to study and develop modern and state-of-the-art technology.

PIFLab’s previous products and solutions include video and image processing, SLAM, 3-D map building, navigation system, stereo camera, ROS, drones and flying objects, balance systems, ...

Internet of Things

PIFLab focuses on learning, research and hands-on experimentation to discover and demonstrate the promise of the Internet of Things. We provide the IoTs platform for your own innovation.
We provide solutions for IoTs connected devices, data collection, IoTs gateway... Application fields include: Agricultural, Home Automation, Industry, Logistics.

Industrial products

We provide measurement equipment with high accuracy and reliability, data logging and analyzing devices, industrial network solutions, display and alarm solutions, actuator controller and automated conveyor systems, etc.

Power Electronics

PIFLab has experience in research, development and testing Power Electronics products in solar energy systems, grid-tie power converter, motor driver and general power management solutions.

Digital Advertisement

PIFLab provides oDooh system solutions (On-demand Digital Out-of-home) – smart advertisement system with interactive user interface, and develop features based on customers’ requirements.



We provide Research and Development Services to sectors: Robotics, Embedded system, Power Electronics, IoTs, Industrial System and Digital Advertisements.


Consulting, building and implementing solutions for developers, connecting business with distributors and providers.

Fast Prototyping

PIF Lab provides solutions with prototypes for customers to turn their fantastic ideas into reality in the fastest way.


With seven years of experience in training and providing high-qualified, creative, and enthusiastic technical workforce, PIF Lab enables to build a comprehensive training program for your company.

Social Innovation

Some of our solutions give back to open source world. We also develop social projects to encourage technical community. PIF Lab is the accomplishment of the social innovation.

Our Partners

Together we define the future

Our Customers


IoTs hardware solutions for precision Agricultural
Power management solutions
RF mesh network solutions

FPT Telecom

Electronics hardware design for “Telecommunication Station” monitoring system

Procter and Gamble

Computer vision system for detecting Inner box GCAS number

Schindler Vietnam

Supervisory and data-logging system operating on 3G network for elevator systems in buildings
Portal website for data collection

Mettler Toledo

4-20mA Current Loop USB Datalogger.
Industrial Alarm devices

VNPT Telecom

Power measurement solutions: isolation, reliability, high accuracy
Isolated power management for Telecommunication System

Inuit Industries

Automatic Cable Cutter machine belongs with Window software for paraglider manufacturing

115 People's Hospital

Nurse call system based on CAN network

Real-time Robotics

Automatic Drone with stereo camera for map building and object auto-tracking


Hồ Thanh Phương


Lại Thành Phước


Đỗ Hàn Thanh Giang

Business development manager

Nghiêm Hồng Hiệp


Trần Quốc Sang


Nguyễn Gia Hưng


Trần Đại Thắng


Lê Trí Thông


“When someone does a good deed for you, instead of paying them back, pay-it-forward by doing a good deed for someone else

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